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Lactation can be a complex biophysical process that requires guidance, patience, perseverance and on-going support. In order to figure out how to best feed your baby comfortably and confidently, we offer Lactation Counseling sessions. We begin by discussing your feeding goals and how to go about meeting them. No matter what those goals may be, we will be right beside you, encouraging you when you encounter challenges, including physical, emotional and situational. 

AS Lactation Counselors, we aim to provide the following services, upon request and as time permits:

  • Provide care and referral to other providers as needed or requested.
  • Offer guidance and support for pregnant people and new parents regarding nursing.
  • Conduct comprehensive assessment of parent and baby related to nursing.
  • Develop a care plan specific to the needs identified through assessment and counseling.
  • Assess the needs of parents and babies who are at risk or currently experiencing lactation difficulties.

For more information, please contact us.

Bilen helped our family with emergency overnight postpartum support when my daughter was itty bitty. The second Bilen walked in the door I felt at ease. Her peaceful and confident presence helped me get through a tough two weeks. She was a huge part of my recovery.
— Ally