In Episode 24 of Nature’s Premiere Podcast, host Brooke dives into a topic that you may not have heard that much about - Hypnobirthing. Chrysti Lauter and Bilen Berhanu are the team behind Metro HypnoBirth and they explain what services they offer, which is a lot! Listen to the episode below!

Looking for ways to have a calm, peaceful, gentle physiologic birth?


HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method, is a complete childbirth education series taught in a format of five, 2 hour classes.

You will develop an understanding the bio-physiology of pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. You and your birthing partner will learn methods of rapid relaxation, fear release, visualization, affirmation, self-hypnosis and breathing techniques to increase your comfort and confidence. You will learn about pathways to satisfying birth experiences, through physical comfort and emotional coping techniques.

We create an intimate experiential learning environment, where everyone feels welcome! The opportunity to dive deep into the materials, daily practices and building community with other expecting people is truly invaluable. Join us!

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Group Class at  Love Child

Group Class at Love Child


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